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Engine Monitoring


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IMCS Integrated Motor Control System

The IMCS is a simple-to-operate and user-friendly integrated engine management system for gas engines.


System overview and functionality 

  • The control system has been built exclusively on the basis of Siemens components. This ensures fast, long-term availability of spare parts, Siemens EC31 PLC
  • 15’’ Siemens full graphic TFT touch panel. Type of protection for front panel: IP 65 
  • The touch panel is connected to the PLC via a Cat 6 data cable (Industrial Ethernet).
  • Start and stop the generator set in Manual and Automatic mode (local/remote)                
  • 2 repeat start attempts if starting fails
  • Control the power of the generator set
  • Regulate the mixture with short settling time, for minimising harmful emissions
  • Actuate the electronic ignition system with low-voltage distribution, with no mechanical wearing parts
  • Actuate the electronic speed governor
  • Regulate the temperature of the heating circuit
  • Regulate the temperature of the mixture cooling circuit
  • Regulate the temperature of the emergency cooling circuit
  • Actuate the exhaust bypass valve
  • Monitor all measured values and limit switches
  • Information on warnings and alarms. Automatic stop in the event of alarms. First-up messages in the event of alarms, to simplify fault finding. Record all messages in an event archive. Display all active messages in a message archive.
  • Clear and intuitive control with user guidance using softkeys
  • Display measured values, messages, warnings and alarms


Control of the following functions:

  • Manual/Automatic mode
  • Engine start/stop, generator On/Off, preset power 
  • Auxiliary drive actuation
  • Oil change
  • Data acquisition for all important gen-set data, with two simultaneous temporal resolutions with the following features:
  • Resolution of one second, recording depth of 6 minutes
  • Resolution of 6 minutes, recording depth of 72 hours
  • Simultaneous recording of max. 64 values, depending on the number of cylinders
  • Recording is automatically stopped in the event of problems, to facilitate fault diagnosis
  • Menu-guided selection of curves and graphic display on the touch panel. Data is saved even in the event of power failure.
  • Standard interface to the higher-level control system
  • Potential-free contacts for requests to the generator set 
  • 4-20 mA signal for power control
  • Potential-free contacts for operation, warning and alarm
  • Serial communication with the higher-level master controller or central control system
  • Transmission of all important gen-set data (see message specification)
  • Receipt of start/stop, nominal power, type of gas, remote acknowledgement

Data transmission to other control systems or computers via RK512 is fail-safe using the popular Siemens procedure 3964R. Standard interface TTY current loop 20 mA (choice of RS232 or RS485)

  • Communication with the higher-level master controller or central control system via TCP/IP